Change your thoughts - change your life

by Lauren WhitbyThursday 13th October


Your thoughts create your life.

Everything you think, every single thought that runs through your mind creates the life in front of you. It provides your pathway. It provides your script. It provides your hymn sheet. It provides YOUR story.

Every. Single. Thought.

Including all the noise in between, all the talking to ourselves, all the distractions we face, all the social media engagement, all the real life interaction and all the levels of conscious thought.

These create our lives.

So here’s the thing. If your thoughts are negative, self critical, self depreciating, illogical, fearful, lies, half truths, spiteful, dishonest, mixed up, un clear, hurtful, hateful, then your life will be full of negative, self critical, self depreciating, illogical, fearful, people and all the things above. This will be your life.

What you give out you get back.

This is probably the most easy to understand life truths. Because it works. If you smile, you get a smile back, if you are kind, someone shows kindness to you, if you give out love then you will get it back, if you are generous you will receive generosity back.

When I have people come to me who want me to help them I can see their level of commitment straight away. I can see it in the way they respond and the way they show up to training. I can tell by their willingness to commit to themselves and commit to change. Some I can see straight away that just aren’t ready. And I know they’re going to drop out before the first month is out. They aren’t ready for change. Their thought’s haven’t changed.

The only way you can change your life is if you change your thoughts.

If you want happiness, or a smaller dress size or a better job or a better partner then you need to change YOUR thoughts and stop trying to change everything else.

Stop trying to change the man who doesn’t want to settle down or the woman who doesn’t want kids, that’s their choice. Not yours.

Stop trying to change your wife or husband into enjoying the gym. They don’t enjoy it. You enjoy it. Let it go. Change your thoughts.

Testing the depth of your commitment is hard for anyone. It will reveal whether you can do whatever it is you have set out to do.

By having any of these thought types – assumptions, beliefs, delaying tactics (bullshit excuses) and fear you are testing the depth of commitment.

How many of these have you ever said?

Assumptions – It probably won’t work, I’m not going to be any good at this, everyone is going to be fitter than me, I bet I bump into the other mums from school, they’re going to think I’m useless, what if they don’t like me, people always look at me I can tell they think I’m lazy, My husband thinks I’m lazy, I’m sure my partner doesn’t fancy me anymore, everyone thinks I’m weak, I’ll never be able to keep up, I wont be able to lift those weights.

Denial – I AM doing enough (I started researching gyms), I AM eating much better (for two days a week, the rest are the same), I AM training hard enough (I show up once a week), I don’t need to watch what I eat, I can just train and that’s enough (I know its not enough, I just find it hard to motivate myself).

Beliefs – I’m not good enough, I’ll never be skinny, I’ll always be big, I’ll always be skinny, I’ll never gain weight, I can’t build muscle I’m a woman, I’m too lazy, I won’t be able to stick to it because I’m not committed, exercise is too hard for me, I’m not strong enough to lift that, my body will never change.

Delaying tactics – I’ve got too much to do, I don’t have time today, I’ll wait until my kids are at school, I’ll have more time then, I’ll wait until my knee has stopped hurting, I’ll wait for my friend to join with me, I’ll wait until after we’ve sold our house and moved, I need to get my hair done so I can’t today, I’ve got to take the dog out so I can’t.

Fear – What if I cant keep up, what if I’m not fit enough, what if people see me, what if I hurt myself, I don’t want to do it on my own, I’m scared it’s going to hurt, I’m scared its going to be really hard, I’m frightened I’ll slow everyone down and they won’t like me, I’m scared I wont make good progress and I’ll feel like a failure, I’m scared I can’t see it through.

I have related all of these to fitness as that’s my theme here but you can look at this across all areas of your life. What have you been putting off for so long? What have you been doing instead of listening to yourself? What have you always wanted to do but haven’t done yet? What job did you want to do for but you haven’t applied for yet? What are you actually waiting for?

Positive affirmations sound crazy. I get it. Standing in front of a mirror saying how much you love yourself sounds so crazy right. To a person like me who finds it very hard to give myself any kind of pat on the back, affirmations are hard. But then when does anything good ever come out of something being easy or comfortable?

Positive affirmations can help you change your thoughts and change your life. They can be whatever you need them to be. They just need to be about now. About you now.

Here's a few:

  • I have unlimited potential (I love this one) This makes me feel like I can achieve anything. Sky is the limit as they say.
  • I love and accept myself – Therefore I live in a comfortable home, therefore I look after my body. Therefore I live in the now and know my future is bright and secure.
  • I love and release everything in my past (For me this is really important and something I hadn’t done until very recently)
  • I love myself just the way I am (Tricky when you look in the mirror and you don’t like what you see but when you honestly believe it, everything changes)
  • I am willing to forgive. (Important when you want to move forward)
  • Every experience is a success (Exactly, learn from all those awful boyfriends/girlfriends)
  • I deserve the best and I accept it next. (It’s on it’s way)
  • I listen with love to my body’s messages (intuition is not to be ignored, that pit of the stomach feeling, is never wrong)
  • All my relationships are harmonious (Everyone in your life will be wonderfully connected to you)
  • I’m deeply fulfilled by all that I do (No more rubbish jobs that make you un happy)
  • I am healthy, whole and complete.
  • I am abundant with love & happiness (You have all the right people around you who love you deeply)
  • I express gratitude for everything in my life. (If your not grateful then the universe wont give you more of the same)

Create some of your own affirmations and say them to yourself every day. Keep them on a card next to your bed, write them in your diary, put them on your phone and read them on the train every day, recite them every time you get to a set of traffic lights. Try and see how you can change your life by changing your thoughts.






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