Top training tips from active mums

by Lauren WhitbyThursday 20th October

TOP Training Tips from active mums


If you have any to add please feel free to comment!


1. Exercise makes you feel 10 times better


“Exercise for me, since I have had Lennie, has been a really important part of my life. Even if I had a crappy night the fact that I managed to get up and get out can make me feel 10 times better about myself/life in general.”



2. Make exercise fit the time you have


“I would say that the most important thing I learnt is you need to make the most of whatever time you have to exercise - whether that's at bootcamp or at home doing a DVD. Time is so precious with a little one that if you have fitness goals you have to go for it when you have a chance!”


“You really have to make the time to do it, you'll never just 'find' the time. So schedule it in with your partner.”


3. Pelvic floor exercises are an absolute necessity!


“You might wee yourself, it's happens to everyone- just a gentle reminder we need to keep up the pelvic floor exercises! 

"Also - don't neglect the pelvic floor exercises before birth ... lived to regret that one ;-( "

“Doing your pelvic floor exercises so when you jump around you don’t leak!!”


4. Just get out there and try your best- 


"Pregnancy and childbirth change your body dramatically but you don't know what is reversible and what isn't until you try. There are some things that need time and effort and there are some changes that might well be permanent. I found that I could get my abs back to normal and reduce the size of my bum but I think my hips have got wider and my tailbone has changed. Above all I would say respect the body that was able to grow another human being and give it the care and attention it deserves."


5. Exercise is something for YOU.


Exercise is something that I am doing for myself as opposed to all my attentions being focused on the new arrival (which sounds a bit selfish but I needed something that was about me amongst all baby based activities that take up the day). 


6. Take it easy.


“I had a c-section so it was important to give my body time to recover and when I feel my scar ‘pulling’ I try and take it a little easier.”


“Take it slowly - and take the little one if you can! I ran a marathon when my first baby was seven months old; it was a really hard slog but so rewarding. Of course you don't have to do anything as big as that but taking it slowly and pacing yourself can be applied to any activity I guess.”


7. Be kind to yourself


“Don’t punish yourself for not doing something when you are tired, going for a nice long walk when your baby is asleep kills two birds with one stone and a walk with the pram is good exercise, I walk for hours each day!”


8. Get out and WALK!


"Getting fresh air is so good for you……………and your baby."

"It’s hard when you are tired to motivate yourself sometimes but once you’re up and out you are half way there!"


"Incorporating the baby can be fun, buggy fit and baby yoga. But yeah most of what I did was WALK WALK WALK to music."

"Walk. And leave the house every day."

"Power walking with a pram."

"So difficult to have time to do proper dedicated exercise as baby takes up all your focus! All I have been doing is getting out everyday for long walks with the buggy!"

“Keep moving!!!! Power walk with the pram getting out in the fresh air wherever and whenever possible. I put on 4 stone with Isabella I lost it by just walking and adding resistance with the shopping bags. Up and down hills etc. I walked miles every day. She loved being out in the fresh air and it's great to help post natal depression.”


9. Watch what you eat during pregnancy


“Watching what I ate before birth helped keep my muscle tone which is key to the holy grail of 'snapping back'. Doctors in Asia really monitor your weight and you get a massive telling off for gaining too much. Heavy-duty breastfeeding did the rest! I was far slimmer with Nesta at 6 months/one year than I am now with her at three years. Fill yourself with fruit and super foods! Now I'm into the biscuits with my toddler, oops.”

“Not to eat like a pig like I did carrying the extra weight makes exercising after so much harder.”


10. Be realistic about what you can do.


“I think the trick is being realistic about what you can do then you are less likely to feel discouraged if you can't fit it in.”


11. Don’t leave it too long!


“I think to not leave it so long, especially if you've has a c section!! As I made the mistake not doing the doctors advised exercises and I never lost the pouch.”


12. Try postnatal yoga & Pilates


“I started out by doing post natal Pilates, integrating lots of walking with the buggy, and my first run lasted a grand total of 15 mins on a walk/run/walk basis.”

"Yoga after a c-section got me my strength and confidence back."

“I am currently doing HIIT and pilates.”


13. HIIT Training – High Intensity Interval Training.


"When I was working and had two pre schoolers the time I had per week was about half an hour between bed time and grown up dinner time so I chose to do high intensity interval training in this time. I joined a six-week program that was linked to a Facebook group so there was a lot of support and encouragement on days when I couldn't be arsed.

I'm 35 weeks pregnant with my third and predict time will be short so will end up on the high intensity intervals again."


13. Take your friends along too


“Try out different types of fitness classes to find one you like, drag along some friends and enjoy!”

“Also I found that keeping my mind active and alert helped keep me motivated to want to keep my body in shape. Therefore meeting up with friends, going to play groups all helped at a time in your life that can be very lonely indeed and where depression can set in.”


14. Classes that are baby friendly


“Look at classes you can do with baby - I have done yoga, Pilates and general fitness classes plus friends do buggy fit so lots of options.”

"Being able to take my baby to bootcamp was an absolute god send. It gave me a reason to leave the house 3 times a week and I made such good friends there. Even if the baby cried for 5 minutes I could still get on with working out while Lauren pushed the pram. It worked so well for me. "


15. Get a PT


I also took advantage of the crèche in my gym a couple of mornings a week when I had my eldest and started doing classes and then got a PT.

Having a set time in the week to train and ideally with a PT or part of a group.


16. Don’t use tiredness as an excuse


“As a new mum you're knackered and when your baby is asleep you just want to sleep too very often. Therefore having that set class is useful so you can't use sleep as an excuse!!”


17. Never give up


“I was a size 16 after having Raife now I'm a 10/12 on a bad day and going from strength to strength.”

" I was so scared to start exercising after a C section that I didnt know what to do. I felt reassured at bootcamp that I was amongst others going through the same and I enjoyed training so much. It gave me my confidence to exercise back."



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