Meet The Team

Lauren Whitby - Head Honcho


Head Instructor & Founder of Bodyfit Training Solutions

From: Sydenham, South London

Experience: Olympic Lifting, kettle bell, Bulgarian Bag qualified, Bootcamp Instructor in Dubai for 2 years, Personal Trainer for 8 years and Fitness Instructor for 10 years

Likes: Kettlebell lifting, Crossfit style training, boxing . Competed in White Collar Fight, various 10K runs.

About me: Everyday I am happy, as every day I help people reach their goals. Whether its fitting into a wedding dress, shedding the baby weight, tightening up some arms, smashing a PB on a run or a lift, everyday I am happy knowing I have helped and empowered someone.

Kettlebells are my thing. I love them and have seen great results with them but I also love the diversity of them and the effort to result ratio they give. Such compound movements utilise time, (which we are all short of) and they build up all the smaller muscles you never thought you needed to train. Preventing injury, improving flexibility & improving strength are all amazing benefits.

I am also highly interested in physio therapy and I have treated a lot of clients with common injuries and some with some not so common injuries. But I have become very experienced through my own injuries and through all my clients and community that I can safely identify ailments such as runners knee, glute weakness, ITB issues and lower back pain. I have a great number of physio's that I refer all my clients to and we work together to get people back on track.

I'm a huge music lover too and also a DJ in my spare time. I would love to publish a book one day (currently writing children's books) and I have a lovely Boston Terrier called Frankie!


Tracey Lock
Fitness Instructor
From: Tulse Hill, South East London

Experience: Currently a freelance instructor working across Dulwich for various fitness companies. Including Dulwich College Sports centre where Tracey teaches keep fit classes. Tracey is a great instructor and extremely professional making sure all of her clients are well looked after. She is also a great runner and helps cover our bootcamps.

Likes: Running and cardio workouts!

Dislikes: Kettlebells! (She has to give them a chance!) 

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