Bodyfit Bootcamp

We are the leading outdoor fitness bootcamp in the area and its time we started to shout about it!

Bodyfit bootcamp at Dulwich College has been running for over 5 years now and can boast a class packed with regulars who have made this session a part of their lives.

Our bootcamp is tough, challenging and always varied. You will hurt, you will want to give up and you could possibly cry BUT the results you get are second to none. Fitter, stronger, leaner, quicker and more mobile bodies.

Every session is designed to push you beyond your limits and increase your fitness, increase lactic threshold, increase lung capacity, increase strength endurance and learn new skills. From Push ups to sit ups to burpees, to squat jumps, you will endure endless exercises whilst tackling agility, speed and strength courses using weighted bars, dumbbells, kettle bells, Bulgarian bags and boxing equipment.

With us you will receive:

  • The choice of X3 sessions per week
  • A body composition analysis (Body fat %)
  • A highly qualified, experienced & motivated instructor
  • A wonderful team spirit & community
  • Bi monthly prizes and competitions (Free personal training)
  • New fitness skills by learning how to box, use kettlebells, use Bulgarian Bags, resistance bands & much more
  • An outdoors location in the fresh air
  • A load of new friends
  • Some new muscles

Don't put it off any longer! Join us if you are serious about changing your body!

9:30am every Saturday at Dulwich College Sports Club.


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