Jungle Fit

Jungle Fit is a brand new class that is totally different to what we’re used to doing. 

The idea was born out of a passion for Jungle and drum n bass music and a night out that left me aching and covered in sweat! 
I contacted my friend who is a professional dancer and we choreographed the class to music. 

A high intensity, high energy class that is all to old skool jungle and Drum n Bass. 
With specific moves to each track you will learn all the basics and be up to speed in no time learning how to do “the burial” and “horsey” amongst many more.

We also have 3 tracks for conditioning work, doing squats, lunges, push ups and abs, making sure we work every muscle and optimise calorie burning. 

If you have a love for raving and want to really work hard then this is the class for you. 


Jungle Fit! from Lauren Bodyfit on Vimeo.


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