I lost 9lb's in total and replaced 5lb's of fat with muscle.

 I was a member of the local gym for many years however I felt uninspired and unmotivated.  Furthermore I was exercising but did not see any physical change in my body shape.  I came across Bodyfit Training Solutions following a search for a bootcamp and after an initial assessment and visit from Lauren, I started the 12 week programme.

The programme that Lauren prescribes is intense, challenging and fun with each day being totally different. I was trying different exercise techniques using a variety of equipment. 

I am 42 years old & I have done many group exercise programmes but none have been more focused, fun and inspiring like Lauren's has. Listening to Lauren say " yes you can do it" from the beginning and through many sets encouraged me to give it my best. 

Lauren is amazing, highly knowledgeable and reliable. Exercising in a small group with other ladies I became strong  and most importantly confident and happy.  I was able to see results over 12 weeks without injuring myself and this is only because I had personal attention.  By the the end of the programme  , I lost 5cm's off my hips, 5cm's off my waist and 2cm's off my arms.
I lost 9lb's in total and replaced 5lb's of fat with muscle.

I was very sad when the programme so I hope to complete another 12 weeks in the near future. I would encourage anyone no matter what age or ability to give the programme a try...one thing I'd say for sure - you will never regret it.

Camille - 12 week success story - Lost 17lb's

Women's Bootcamp - Why it works!

Cecilia on her 12 week transformation

Rosa - "I lost 10 kilos of bodyweight"

It has been a year since I have joined the Women’s Bootcamp in Dulwich Park. When I look back my fitness was dreadful and I was suffering from pain in my knees. With Lauren’s help and her dietary advice I have lost 10 kilograms of body weight. My fitness improved dramatically and I got a lot stronger in the process.

The Women’s Bootcamp is plenty of fun and a lot of hard work at the same time. Group members attending the sessions are great in helping everyone to achieve their goals. Lauren’s classes are never the same and she always makes sure to surprise us with new workouts that push us to do our best.

If you’re looking to get fitter, stronger and lose some weight I would definitely recommend Lauren’s Bootcamp classes! Come and join us – you will not be disappointed.

Two words - Life Changing!

Frankie trains semi private, 3 times a week and has seen her body fat drop 3% from 36.8% to 33.8% and gain 2kg of muscle completely changing her shape and metabolism. Here's her story:

 I had no self-confidence, mild depression, really needed to find myself and get myself back to being ‘me’ again.  That’s when I found Lauren!
We did PT for a couple of months, then Lauren switched her training schedule, and went on to ‘semi private’.  At first I was dubious, I thought I would get lost and not enjoy it, oh I was so wrong! I LOVE working in a small group with others, I get so much more out of it, a little bit of healthy competition helps me push myself a bit further. There’s never more than 4 of us and Lauren ensures that each and every one of us have our techniques spot on and get the best possible results we can with positive motivation and guidance.  Training with Lauren has not only helped me with my physical fitness, I’ve totally changed my diet, and my entire outlook on life is so much more positive.
I’m now almost done on my first 12 week transformation plan, and wow what a transformation.  I have never been so fit, so strong and so excited about exercise!  I’ve signed up to another 12 week plan, I’m hooked!

Louise O'Donovon - I've lost a stone in weight and 2% body fat.

Louise has been doing bootcamp for 3 months bringing her little girl who was 12 weeks old when she started.

She feels stronger than she ever has before and has lost 2% bodyfat and a stone in weight altogether!

Click here to watch her video

Amanda Duncan - Womens Bootcamp made me lose 4% bodyfat!

Watch Amanda's testimonial here: Click here to watch her video

Catherine Ell - I lost 15cm off my hips and 10cms off my waist in 5 months

I have only been training with Lauren for 1.5 years but she has seen me through a lot. I started training with Lauren and my PT buddy Sally 10 months before I got married. I was initially very nervous, not being sure what to expect, not knowing Sally at all (she was my mother's colleague) and not being sporty, competitive or particularly fit. Training with a buddy not only helps with spreading the cost but is a good motivator and Lauren was excellent at training us both when we were at different levels. I think it also awoke the competitor in me - I was inspired to get as strong and able as my buddy. I had never used kettle bells or even heard of a Bulgarian bag previously -  I really enjoyed them now owning my own set of bells. I was in the best shape for my wedding, I lost 15cm off my hips and 10cms off my waist in 5 months - my dressmaker was very cross with me!  I felt so confident in my strapless dress (my arms looked great!). Lauren also gently encouraged me to eat healthily as well. Unfortunately my knee issue came back after the wedding but Lauren kept me going and until I was back on track - if it had not been for Lauren I probably would have given up exercise again and been back at square 1. I am now pregnant and I have never even thought to question what Lauren believes is safe or what I am capable of doing - I am really happy that I am staying fit and strong throughout my pregnancy with Lauren's guidance. I am also genuinely looking forward to joining her weekday boot camps after the baby comes as well.

Jane Kawar – I am stronger and fitter in my late 30s than I have ever been

I've been training with Lauren for 2.5 years now. I used a personal trainer before, but Lauren has pushed me further and enabled me to achieve so much more. I am stronger and fitter in my late 30s than I have ever been. I also think my body looks the best it's ever looked and I often get complimented on my defined arms! We train mainly with free weights, kettle bells (she loves kettle bells) and Bulgarian Bags (I hadn't heard of them either), plus body weight exercise and boxing. Each session is different, which makes it challenging and fun. She's very knowledgeable and ensures that you learn the correct techniques so you can train efficiently and safely. I am pleased to say that when we first started I could barely clean and press an 8kg kettle bell with one arm and I now always use the 12kgs or 14kgs and once actually used a 16kg!!! Thanks Lauren.

Caroline Haines – One word, Brilliant!

One word, Brilliant! I’ve used the Bootcamp in Dulwich Park and subsequently Lauren’s personal training services and I’ve only got great things to say. Bootcamp was fun and varied and a proper good workout. Lauren is also a passionate and knowledgeable personal trainer who works you to be best of your ability. She is constantly learning and hence introducing new things so it never gets boring. Highly recommended.

Elena Sophocles – this is the best way to get fit and stay fit

I have tried them all, and I have to say this is the best way to get fit and stay fit. Lauren is a great instructor and each week changes the routine so you never become complacent. A thoroughly enjoyable class, with great camaraderie that stems from Lauren. You can never find a better instructor at motivating you, making sure you work to the best of your ability and whose class is never boring. I am very fortunate to have found this class and if you are in two minds to try it, I say go for it, treat yourself.

Nina Stovold – Really helped sculpt my body

I joined Lauren's class after an introductory offer but I became hooked. I have never done any other type of class or gym work which has given such fast results. After 8 weeks going twice a week my friends started to noticed and so had I, I felt so much better about my figure, in particular my legs really toned up and developed a nice shape which I have never been able to get before.

Lauren also does regular fitness tests which help you see that the training she does not just makes you look better, it gets you fitter too. I knocked a minute of my fitness test run in 6 weeks.

I won't say its not hard work - it is! But its fun and Lauren keeps it from getting boring by bringing fresh ideas every week and by mixing it up with boxing and kettlebells, which has really helped sculpt my body.

Lauren's passion and commitment is obvious, and although she works you hard, she also gives you the confidence to push yourself and you feel inspired to do better for her. As well as Lauren's support, the group work together and encourage each other, there's a really friendly atmosphere and everyone chats to each other. I honestly couldn't recommend it highly enough.

Lee Stickler – Her sessions are diverse and well thought out

I have been training with Lauren for just over 12 months now. The sessions are the right mix of fun and hard work and I have noticed improved strength and tone from our weekly session. I have also learnt a lot about different training techniques and how to transfer them into my own gym work. Lauren offers something other personal trainers I have used haven't. Her sessions are diverse and well thought out. A word of warning… don't go into this thinking a Bulgarian bag is for shopping!

Sally Donaldson – More physically and mentally alert all day.

I am not a natural when it comes to fitness but my partner is and he (after many years) persuaded me to book a session with Lauren. From that point on I have seen Lauren at least one a week for the last 3 years. I have used kettle bells, Bulgarian bags, boxing gloves and military bars to increase my fitness with ever increasing skills, ability and weight!! Lauren always wants to ensure their are new challenges either with weight or skills and she has taught me the great benefits of fitness both for my body and mind.The morning I see Lauren is always the start of a very productive day and I feel even more physically and mentally alert all day. Being outside has been an additional benefit, sun, snow, rain or wind have never stopped us from having a great session. I would highly recommend Lauren to anyone who wants or needs a no nonsense, encouraging and professional personal training in one to one or group sessions.

Ellen Barnard – My fitness has improved tremendously

I am addicted to Lauren’s bootcamp by Bodyfit Training Solutions. It is a super fun, challenging workout with lots of friendly people out in the fresh air. My fitness has improved tremendously. I love how Lauren can tailor the workout to any fitness level and can modify moves if necessary. I have learned so much about exercise and fitness and picked up good habits to last a lifetime. Thanks Bodyfit!

Nicky Hirst – Lost over a stone in weight

Having avoided any form of regular exercise for 47 years and not being much of a 'joiner inner' I was a bit wary about Women's Bootcamp in Dulwich Park. However, I wanted to be fitter and slimmer and knew I wouldn't and couldn't do it on my own. I joined with a couple of friends, made it a priority and let Lauren tell me exactly what to do.

I've now been taking part for over a year, steadily lost over a stone in weight, developed muscles unseen before and I love it. The sessions take place in all weathers and are always varied and challenging. Lauren takes you much further than you want to go, but it is never as bad as you think it might be.

I would recommend Bodyfit Bootcamp with Lauren Whitby and team to anyone - just don't ask me about the Burpees!

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Testimonial Tuesday! This is Louise O'Donovan. She has been coming to my women's Bootcamp in Dulwich Park since June after having her little girl. She has lost 6.5kg of weight! And her shape has completely changed. Go Louise!

Posted by Lauren Whitby on Tuesday, 13 October 2015